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Unpublished Harper’s Bazaar(China) Jensen photoshoots

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《花·女词》 by 呀呀(Yaya)

Flowers’ Symbolization in Chinese Culture 

牡丹          Tree peony             (Mǔdān;  symbolize royalty in ancient China. Now it commonly symbolizes prosperity)

梅              Plum blossom       (Méi or Méihuā;  symbolize honor, love, hope and so many others. See HERE)

杜鹃花       Rhododendron simsii    (Azalea / Dùjuān Huā;  symbolize beauty, sweet love and chastity)

木兰           Magnolia liliiflora   (Mulan magnolia / Mùlán; symbolize faith, dignity and loyalty)

茉莉           Jasmine                  (Mòlì; symbolize purity, attraction and Chinese tea culture)

彼岸花       Lycoris radiata        (Red spider lily / Bǐ’àn Huā; symbolize seduction and ingratitude, “gentleness from devils”)

海棠花       Malus spectabilis   (Asiatic apple / Hǎitáng Huā; symbolize parting and nostalgia for lover or home)